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Renewable energies and energy efficiency in cities

Project details
Architecture & Urban Development
Project volume: 
409,900 €
Value of services: 
409,900 €
Start of project: 
November, 2013
End of project: 
October, 2015
Project description: 

In September 2011 the governor of the federal state of Rio de Janeiro launched the Programme “Rio Capital of Energy” (RCE). The programme assigns to the State Ministry of Economic Development, Energy, Industry and Services (SEDEIS) the political and organizational role to utilize the existing potential of Rio de Janeiro as an energy location, with the objective to transform Rio de Janeiro into an international reference for Energy Efficiency (EE) and Renewable Energies (RE). The Programme aims at taking advantage of the investments in infrastructure and construction projects for the upcoming mega events (Soccer World Cup in 2014, Olympic Games in 2016) as impetus for growth for the development and application of innovative technologies in EE & RE.

Within the frame of the Programme Rio Capital of Energy, the government of Rio de Janeiro is in condition to develop markets for EE & RE in the urban context.

So as to contribute to achieve the objective of the Programme, the main areas of consultancy focus on assistance in topics of RE in selected segments, EE and economic development, as well as transversal subjects, like sustainable urban development for example. The activities focus on aspects of great leverage and special emphasis is put on incorporating experiences form other regions of the world in developing competitive markets for EE & RE. A pool of experts advises on specific technical subjects and supports with conceptual know-how and/or implementation instruments.

Service description: 
  • Organizational development, programme management, management of governmental programmes;
  • Professional assistance, policy advice, consultancy on approaches and promotional and dissemination programmes;
  • Private sector development, market development for EE & RE technologies;
  • Technical assistance in the fields of EE & RE;
  • Support of pilot projects;
  • Upscaling of successful projects in EE & RE; and
  • Professional training of relevant actors in the EE & RE sector in Rio de Janeiro.