More than 45 years of experience


GOPA Infra has implemented over 1,200 projects in more than 60 countries. This database provides just a SELECTION of the projects illustrating our expertise in various fields and countries.

Improvement of wastewater treatment operations at Yarmouk Water Company
Local Communities Financing Programme (FICOL) - Lot 1
Consultancy services for technical and operational assistance to the Infrastructure Implementation Unit (IIU) of the Ministry of Public Works
Sustainable Urban Development - Smart Cities (SUD-SC)
Consulting services for implementation of training activities for ADF key training staff
AUC funding window for cross-border post-conflict reconstruction and development measures
Support to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) - Phase 1
« Programme d’Appui aux Collectivités Territoriales » (PACT), Phase IV and Phase V-I
Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (Phase III)
Rural Infrastructure Programme (Phase VI) - Implementation consulting services and accompanying training consulting services
Liberian-Swedish feeder roads project (Phase 3)
Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for a mass rapid transit system in Vijayawada
Feasibility and project design study “Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)”
Preparation of SWM projects in three regions
Energy efficiency for sustainable urban development
Improvement of primary school education
Rural Development Programme Phase IV/V - Implementation Consulting Services (IMC)
Technical assistance for the implementation of the regional initiative LOGISMED soft training activities
Project management and implementation for the post-earthquake reconstruction framework loan
Water Sector Improvement Programme (WSIP) – Component 2: Improvement of urban water and sewage services
Recycling and disposal of waste of electrical and electronic equipment in an environmentally sound way (Phase 1)
Fostering reforms in the Egyptian renewable energy and water sectors through developing capacity building EU water sector technical assistance and reforms support (EU water STARS)
Reorganisation of water supply and sewerage service areas in the urban water and sanitation sub-sector in Uganda
Consulting services to Urban Development and Environment Department (UDED) of Madhya Pradesh for the preparation of feasibility studies for 6 towns
Support of the Niger River Basin Organisation
Consulting services for the project "Kampala Water - Lake Victoria WatSan" (Package 5b): Accompanying measures for the promotion of improved private hygiene and sanitation and corresponding services in the informal settlements of Kampala
Ecological urban development Lusaka - Consultancy services for the development of a pricing mechanism for sanitation
C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF)
Climate-friendly technologies and capacity development for the implementation of the Brazilian national waste policy
Vocational training programme Sinde
Technical assistance to the implementation of the integrated programme for protection of the Lake Bizerte against pollution
German Credit Facility to assist the return of IDPs in Iraq (GCFI) - Management and monitoring consultant
East African Community regional network of public health reference laboratories for communicable diseases (procurement expert)
Integrated Programme to Improve the Living Conditions in Gulu and Small Towns en Route in the Victoria Nile Catchment (IPILC), Engineering and Institutional Consultant (EIDC)
Strengthening provincial health systems - Component II: Hospital water supply, wastewater disposal and waste management in 5 provinces and Viet Duc Hospital (Hanoi)
Schools modernisation programme – Investment component
Water and wastewater sector budget support – Accompanying measures
Water supply system of Kabul: Transitional Support Programme (TSP)
Institutional strengthening of water supply and sanitation utilities in Kabul, Herat and Kunduz
Urban Water Supply Improvement Programme (UWSIP) – Engineering services in the refugee settlements
Support to the National Urban Sanitation Policy II (SNUSP II)
Implementation programme of integral management of solid waste in the municipalities of Arequipa, Coronel Portillo and Tacna
German Credit Facility to assist the return of IDPs in Iraq (GCFI) – “Quick wins consultancy roads & bridges”
C40 Cities Finance Facility (CFF)
Consulting services for the development and operation of a Management Unit for the Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF)
Programme for water supply and sanitation in small and medium towns in the regions of Boucle du Mouhoun, Cascades, Hauts-Bassins and Sud-Ouest
Fund for the consolidation of peace
Modernisation of local public services: Quality monitoring and management consulting for the provision of local communal services (Phase 3)
Modernisation of local public services: Quality monitoring and management consulting for the provision of local communal services (phases 1 and 2)
Urban and industrial environmental management programme - Sustainable production of goods and services (Project: Professional training in environmental management and sustainable production)
Urban and industrial environmental management programme - Urban environmental management Salamanca
Urban and industrial environmental management programme - Management and reuse of contaminated sites
Renewable energies and energy efficiency in cities
Consulting services to support the implementation of the action "LAIF Component of the EcoCasa Programme"
Technical design of NAMA for existing housing
Environmental management programme: Waste management component (Phases 1 and 2)
Waste management in Greater Maputo
Technical assistance to the IPA III operating structure
Modernisation of local public services: Regional planning and programming
Training and reinforcement consulting services – Support to the national plan for improving solid waste management
Sustainable Management of Solid Waste in the Los Lagos Region - Complementary Measures
Integrated urban solid waste management at the Island of Santiago
Solid waste management and circular economy
Solid waste management in South-East region
Climate finance readiness programme (CFReady)
Preparatory components and studies of the Freetown Development Plan: Support to the Freetown City Council and to the urban planning authorities
Strengthening of good governance for sustainable reconstruction measures in Aceh Province
Consolidated urban development programme for Kreung Aceh river, Banda Aceh
Rajkot pre-feasibility study on urban transport
Sustainable urban development programme
Improved Water and Wastewater Services Programme - Lot B (Technical assistance to four affiliated companies)
Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services Programme: Project management consultancy firm services
Water Sector Improvement Programme (WSIP) - Utility management component (Phase 2b) - Sanitation
Rural water supply Nusa Tenggara Timur/Alor and Ende
Pilot projects for the scaling-up of integrated water resources managmenet in transboundary river basin in Southern Africa
Watershed management Río Lerma in the valley of Toluca
Consulting services on rehabilitation measures on behalf of the national mission on Clean Ganga
Watershed development Andhra Pradesh – Complementary measures programme
Support to orphans and other vulnerable children project (OVC)
Safe blood transfusion project
Local development fund programme
Municipal fund for promotion of basic education and community infrastructure (Phase I – III)
Lusaka wastewater project: Consulting services for a financial and tariff study
Clustering study and capacity building services
Reform of the urban water and wastewater sector
Mother and child - emergency care (II-IV)
Local government infrastructure improvement programme ( Phase II)
Regional centres for science and technology
Strengthening local governance in Zambia II - Chalimbana local government training institute
Quality education support programme
Emergency rehabilitation of IDP housing in Western Georgia
Main line locomotive project: Service for improvement of stores, spare parts management and maintenance for electronic components
Business plan / restructuring plan for TransNamib Holdings Ltd.
Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport
Climate Finance Readiness Program (CFReady)
Technical assistance for strengthening the capacities of MoT IPA Unit and end-recipients
Study to determine the feasibility of a profitable shipping network satisfying demand for shipping services in OECS States Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia and St Vincent & The Grenadines
Financial and legal advice to the government of Malawi to renegotiate the Malawi Rail Concession
Data collection for the update of the road and traffic database
Sector programme railway II: Track maintenance improvement programme
Capacity development for the transport sector
Capacity Development in the transport sector - Enhanced management for sustainable road maintenance
Rural Infrastructure Programme (Phase IV) - Implementation consulting services and accompanying training consulting services
Study for a community-oriented transport policy and for a roads and railways master plan within 2020 and 2025 in CEMAC area
Technical assistance for revision of the White Paper on transport policy
Technical assistance to ECOWAS Secretariat and UEMOA Commission – 9th EDF Transport Facilitation Project
Water sector reform
Technical assistance to the Zambia water and sanitation project
Acceleration of the commercialisation process of the water authority of Balqa and its regional branches
Strengthening of management and operational capacities of the water and wastewater company in Qena
Improvement of water supply and sanitation
Water Sector Improvement Programme (WSIP) - Component 2 - Strengthening of technical and organisational competences of the urban water supply sector
Consulting services for the Ethiopia National Transport Master Plan (ENTMP)
Water Sector Improvement Programme (WSIP) - Utility management component (Phase 2a) - Water supply