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Technical assistance to the IPA III operating structure

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Associated enterprises: 
Waste Management
Project volume: 
1,173,550 €
Value of services: 
399,007 €
Start of project: 
January, 2015
End of project: 
April, 2017
Project background: 

In December 2010, the European Union granted Montenegro the official status of candidate country. In June 2012, accession negotiations have started. Having achieved candidate country status in 2010, Montenegro gained access to IPA component III (Regional Development).


The overall objectives of the project of which this contract will be a part is as follows:

  • to create prerequisites for optimal absorption, use and management of EU funds; and
  • to improve the Montenegrin infrastructure according to European standards in the areas covered by IPA III to significantly increase the quality of human life conditions.

Specific objectives:

  • to provide technical assistance to the IPA III Operating Structure in IPA programming/project preparation and to prepare project documentation for IPA III projects under DIS conditions. Specifically;
  • to provide to IPA III Operating Structure viable and mature projects pipeline to be financed in the framework of the RDOP;
  • to prepare complete applications and tendering/contractual documents for minimum 4 viable and mature projects ready to be contracted; and
  • to support the IPA III Operating Structure in acquiring experience and knowledge regarding project preparation - especially in programming and contracting phases, through training activities.


Results to be achieved:
  • the Operational Programme 2014-2020 is prepared;
  • a portfolio of projects (including minimum 4 applications and the associated (Tender Dossiers) prepared to be financed; and
  • the institutional capacities of the central and local authorities in relation with project preparation, appraisal, selection, prioritisation and implementation strengthened through training activities.