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Sector programme railway II: Track maintenance improvement programme

Project details
Donor organisation: 
Transport & Mobility
Project volume: 
2,288,479 €
Value of services: 
915,392 €
Start of project: 
March, 2011
End of project: 
December, 2016
Project description: 

The objective of the consultancy services for railway track maintenance improvement (the technical assistance project) is to support the establishment of an efficient track maintenance system based on sustainable organisational structures, procedures, know-how transfer and necessary soft- and hardware on Java Island. An effective system is required to maintain the transport capacity of Indonesian railways and its current level of usage which in turn is expected to contribute to pro-poor and sustainable and climate-friendly growth.

Investments are embedded within a sound concept for reorganisation of track maintenance and workshops. Capacity building and training for track maintenance and workshop staff accordingly were key project components.

Service description: 
  • Development of required standards and rules for track inspection and maintenance;

  • Track survey and mapping/marking of the main lines on Java;

  • Assistance in establishing a new independent track maintenance organisation (within an overall context of railway sector restructuring);

  • Procurement of machinery and equipment (Five multiple tie tampers for track and 2 multiple tie tampers for turnouts, excavators, inspection rail cars for track, turnouts and bridges, other inspection equipment and tools, rail loading/unloading devices, and other equipment and tools for workshops);

  • Design, procurement and supervision of construction of workshops for track maintenance machinery;

  • Repair of existing machinery (incl. procurement of spare parts);

  • Development of training concept;

  • Management training;

  • Training for track inspection;

  • Training for operators and maintenance staff of machinery; and

  • Organisation and implementation of study tour.