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Capacity Development in the transport sector - Enhanced management for sustainable road maintenance

Project details
Transport & Mobility
Project volume: 
652,280 €
Value of services: 
652,280 €
Start of project: 
September, 2015
End of project: 
July, 2017
Project description: 

The overall result to be achieved by this project is to prepare the partner ministries for the establishment of a Road Authority (RA) and a Road Fund (RF)/Road Fund Administration. The overall task is to develop and provide MPW and Ministry of Transport (MoT), respectively, with:

  • a model organisational set-up of road maintenance managing and funding entities;

  • an independent funding mechanism (based on road-user-pay principle) for road maintenance;

  • support for the transition process from RMMU into a Road Authority;

  • trained staff to fill positions within new entities; and

  • support in leading the political and public dialogue during the reform process.

Service description: 
  • Analysis of the current situation concerning the planned institutional reform;

  • Comparison of selected international benchmarking policies;

  • Reviewing and re-writing, and getting the endorsement of the Liberian President for the legal act to establish the RF and RA;

  • Supporting Government to lead the political and public dialogue during the reform process;

  • Defining the organisational set-up to manage road maintenance and funding entities;

  • Defining the mechanisms required for controlling incoming and outgoing funds, for the RA, RF, and RF administration;

  • Supporting key stakeholders to engage in the transition processes related to the RF and RA;

  • Developing and implementing a monitoring system for the reform process;

  • Developing a plan for capacity development; and

  • Implementing the capacity development plan; delivering training, workshops and other suitable methods of capacity building.